Month: October 2020

Standing For Others

After two terrible years at Dachau, in July 1942, Hermann collapsed while working at Auschwitz, and was sent to the “invalid block”. Going to the invalid block truly just meant that you are marked to be killed soon.

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The Importance of Self Defense

How can we allow things like this to happen? How can we be so irresponsible as to let people casually carry weapons with them that are able to put an end to the lives of hundreds of people in a matter of minutes? We ask ourselves these questions often, but we often fail to answer the big question. That is, “Are gun rights really worth it?”

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The Importance of Voting

So please, regardless of your sex, race, or political affiliations, make sure you vote and make your voice heard because the only one that can do so is you and your voice might be heard if you don’t, but let’s not leave that up to chance because we can make our voices heard and we can make a difference, it’s just up to us whether we choose to do so.

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The Dangers of Debt

Consumer and national debt will hold us back, put us into bondage to someone else, and create perfect setups for economic disaster. We need to change.

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