Month: November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are grateful for many things. Here are some of the things, from lots of different members, that we are grateful for, in the context of our Constitution, Country, Legacy, and Rights.

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The Beatty Syndrome

This video, from one of our team members, may just blow your mind! It outlines the Beatty Syndrome -what it is, where it is, how it affects you and why it matters. You’ll learn the connection between the discarding of heroes, the canceling of culture, the lowering of self-worth, and the plague of doomscrolling.

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Mayflower Compact -400 Years!

So, they gathered together -with a representative from each family that was planning on staying- and signed what became known as the Mayflower Compact, 400 years ago today, once you convert the Old Style date to the New Style. This Mayflower Compact is important for a myriad of reasons. I will highlight just 3.

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