Month: January 2022


t is not uncommon for a military leader to astonish the world and leave a mark on history. Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Genghis Khan, and Napoleon to name a few. What sets Joan apart from many of them, is first that she is a peasant woman, but also her deep religious conviction.

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A Check on the Supreme Court

Most of you have probably heard of the Federalist Papers. What you may not have heard of, however, are the Anti-Federalist Papers. These were written by many people who were nervous about the Constitution. There are really good points on both sides.

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The Verdict Is Ours To Give

2022. A new year. A new start. A new nation?
Are we going to lose the USA as we know it? Are we going to turn into a Marxist communist hell? How close are we to being transformed into something that is fundamentally different from what the Founders created?

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