Month: March 2022

Why The Worst Get on Top (Part Two)

The totalitarian dictator must erase from his memory the commandment he learned from the Bible: “Thou shall not kill”. He must unlearn what his mother taught him when he was a child: “Honesty is the best policy”.

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Seek Ye Wisdom

Imagine if somebody were to write a biography about you but only wrote about all your faults and left out all the good things about you? You would probably complain and say that it was not an accurate description of yourself. History is taught like this sometimes. The bad things are brought out in front, and the good and great things are left in the background.

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Should The United States Have Been Involved In WW2?

World War 2 – the war against Nazism, where the USA – allied with Britain and Russia – whipped the world into shape. It sounds like it could be a comic book. And you know what, it probably is. But the actual story is a lot more complicated, a lot more blurred, and a lot more confusing.

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