Month: May 2022

Liberty In Prison

Prisons are the place where we gather all of our criminals, as such, it makes sense that we’d see injuries and crimes take place inside them. Unfortunately, most of these crimes aren’t committed by the inmates serving their time…

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The Curse of God

“Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven.” – William Shakespear

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Knowledge and Wisdom

What is knowledge? What is wisdom? How do they differ, is one better than the other, and how are they obtained? Or are they just different words we use to describe the same thing?

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Religion in Education (Part Two)

This data shows a very interesting tie between education and religion. Why did education fall when religion and morality were removed? The answer is because religion encourages people to have good principles and morals, leading them to work hard for good things that will bring them success.

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If Not You, Who?

Most of us wish to live a simple, uncomplicated life without interference. But in the coming days, that kind of lifestyle is a fantasy. You have to contribute something if you want to live in a free society.

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