You’re gonna have to take this like medicine. This video put out by Harrison Smith on off limits news will spin you around, and show you how much voter fraud really happened. 

Absentee ballot mailings delayed in Summit and other Ohio counties.  Unintentional? Maybe. Real? Absolutely.  We need to hone the process of absentee voting.

Here is an example of completely intentional tampering.  Ballots being stolen.  Every person has a voice, whether they think it or not.  It is illegal to steal ballots and it is also very rude.  You are taking away another person’s voice if you do.

This one is an incorrectly printed ballot.  Coincidence? I think not.  That definitely looks like it was done on purpose, not a printer running out of ink.

Three more absentee voter screwups.  We really need to fix this system.

Remember that water main leak that delayed ballot counting in Georgia? How about the thousands of ‘magically appearing democrat votes” in Michigan? What is the voting system’s problem!!!

Here is a case of an illegal group “collecting ballots” in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Joe Biden’s political director in Texas was accused not once, but twice of illegal ballot harvesting.

For even more cases of voter fraud, etc. check out this site.  

It appears that someone obviously has tampered with the results of this election.  Will we let this go by without reproof?  To find out what you can do visit