Author: Libertatem Fidelium

Must We All Therefore Resign?

“It is said many good officers are weary of the Service and wish to Resign unless they are placed upon a permanent establishment. That they Are weary & wish for ease I don’t wonder, but…Must we all therefore Resign?”

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A Defense of Moral Objectivism

Yes, an individual must judge each situation uniquely to decide what course of action to take, but contrary to what some may believe, judging with a case-by-case basis does not mean that morality is relative.

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The Home of the Brave

The world is changing and society says that it’s best to change along with it. Just go with the flow and you’ll be fine, they say. It’s coming; you can’t stop it, and standing tall when everyone else is bowing is dangerous.

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Tolerance in an Imperfect World

The catch about living in a free country is that everyone else is free too. If we want to support freedom of speech in a country, we have to be okay with people saying things we don’t like.

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