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Tolerance in an Imperfect World

The catch about living in a free country is that everyone else is free too. If we want to support freedom of speech in a country, we have to be okay with people saying things we don’t like.

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Until the Lion Tells the Story

A Savage. The Outsider; The Foreigner; The Barbarian. The person who believes differently than the masses. The ones who are different from ‘civilized’ and respectable people. Throughout history, the label of ‘Savage’ has always been put on those who believe or do things contrary to the main group of people.

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Modern Monetary Theory and the U.S. Economy

The theory states that large governments (like the U.S.) that issue their own currency don’t have to follow budget constraints on spending because they can always print more money to service the interest on their debt and pay down the principal.

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The Shot Heard ‘Round the World Today

It was 246 years ago today, April 19th. Someone fired a shot on the Lexington green. British or American? – no one knows who. By this ‘shot heard round the world’, the conflict and the struggle for freedom began.

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