Are we all living in a dystopia? One where we’re all too worried about our own comfort to stand up against bad things that are going on? Are we getting too good at doing nothing – at living, sleeping, working, and entertaining ourselves? To the point where we don’t understand there’s anything more to life?

Abortion is not the termination of a pregnancy. It is murder; the taking of an innocent human life.

So why do so many women get abortions? Because it’s convenient. Because they don’t see it as killing. Because they dehumanize their victims – the argument is that embryos are not really alive; they don’t count as a person.

As I visited the National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. just a week ago, I realized that this exact same reasoning led to the murder of more than 6 million Jews and others. It was horrible to see the destruction and carnage; the ruined scrolls of the Torah, the burned synagogues, the deaths, the mental and physical tortures. It was awful.

And yet, in the Nuremberg Trials exhibit, there was a video clip of more than 15 war criminals standing up in front of the jury and declaring: “I am not guilty.”

It hit me hard right then. How could that be possible? How could they believe themselves to be innocent?

Because the majority of people that made the Holocaust possible weren’t evil, sadistic people. They were completely normal. They didn’t believe in murder.

They were able to do what they did because they had trained themselves to justify their actions. Killing the Jews wasn’t murder because Jews weren’t people. A Jew didn’t count as a person. Essentially they were cleansing the world of the “unfit” to live here.

The Holocaust happened because normal people got caught up in the mass belief that they all must follow orders and turn aside while atrocities happened. They just wanted to live their normal lives. If it didn’t affect them directly, why would they want to say anything about it?

And that’s exactly what we do today. Today we don’t need concentration camps to kill the weak; the murders are silent now, undercover. In the USA alone, there are about 1500-2500 abortions every single day. In 2020 alone, there were about 930,160. And if you’re counting globally, that’s 73 million lives taken every year, more than 12 times the amount of Jews killed during the Holocaust. 

Why is it all happening?

For the same reasons the Holocaust happened. We dehumanize the lives we’re taking. Most people getting abortions don’t really understand what they’re doing. And because it’s convenient, they turn a blind eye.

And even the people who KNOW it’s wrong: we turn a blind eye too. “It doesn’t affect my daily life; I can mourn about it but there’s not anything I can do.”

So we let the killings continue. We turn away and pretend not to notice. 

But bad things happen when good people do nothing. And I can predict with great accuracy, that when we stand in front of the Judgment Bar, we will all declare: “I am not guilty.”

Because it’s too close to our faces for us to understand what’s happening. We are living through another dystopia; another Holocaust.

Will we look back in 80 years and wonder how we could have missed it? Will we have museums and monuments honoring the lives of millions of children that we were too blind to see fading away?

Hindsight is always 20/20. It was so with the Holocaust. It will be so now. Doing nothing leads to the greatest atrocities that have ever happened. It’s the curse of the banality of evil.

Bad things happen when good people do nothing.

But when good people do something, miracles happen.

So let’s all do something. 

#neverstopaskingwhy #god’schildrenarenotforsale

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