While this election will have an impact, it won’t change anything.

Confusing? Allow me to explain…..

What this election will determine is what policies we will have. Whether it’s democrat or republican, it’s only about the policies. It won’t be a real and lasting change for freedom.

That is, until We The People really do something about it. Not just with our votes, but with our minds and hearts.

In other words, take responsibility for freedom. Don’t leave it up to the policy makers in Washington DC. Don’t think about civics only at election time.

Don’t blame DC.

We are the ones who elect them. We are the ones who appoint them.

As John Adams said, “If worthless men are sometimes at the head of affairs, it is, I believe, because worthless men are at the tail and the middle.” In other words, the people at DC are a reflection of the state of our nation.

Don’t blame DC.

Take responsibility for freedom.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We the People have power, and we can make change.

How? It may seem to you that your opinions have no weight, that your voice has no influence, that what you believe has no power. This may be especially true if you are a minor.

However, your opinions have weight. Your voice has influence. Your beliefs have power.

This is a democratic-republic. This is a representative government. Your opinions matter.

What are some things you can do today to make your opinions known?

  • Here’s an obvious one: vote. Election day is today. Do some research on the candidates and vote based on who would support the constitution. Vote in person, if possible. Mail-in ballots are subject to fraud.
  • Of course, voting isn’t enough! We need to be civic-minded people all the time, not just at election day. Hold your representatives accountable. Make sure they know your thoughts on matters that are important to you, and let them know you won’t be voting for them again if they don’t uphold the constitution.
  • Watch recordings or live streamings of government affairs, when possible. For example, the recent Supreme Court hearing nomination was broadcasted on C-Span, and probably on places such as CNN, and FoxNews as well. Then make your opinions known. Possible outlets for this are social media, petitions, etc.
  • Sign up for TeaPartyPatriots’ newsletter! They are a grassroots organization dedicated to freedom and the US Constitution. In their newsletters are to-do lists with specific, doable items that allow you to make a difference.
  • Talk politics and civics with your children. Explain how the government works. Explain the Bill of Rights, and the importance of the freedoms protected therein. Explain why the Constitution matters, and what it means.
  • Don’t trust everything you see online. The freedom of speech exists, but it doesn’t just allow people to publish truth, it also allows people to publish lies. Fact-check, cross examine, and be aware of bias in news sites. Use critical thinking.
  • Last but most definitely not least, love freedom, and learn as much about it and the Constitution as possible.

Don’t Blame DC might be a devastating truth for some people, because it puts the blame for our state today on their own, on our own, heads. But it should be hopeful: because we take responsibility for freedom, we can impact it. We can change the powerful tide of socialism. We can make a difference. We can fix things.

Don’t blame DC; take responsibility for freedom.