We can all agree that America isn’t always the most peaceful place, but let’s take a minute to appreciate the little bit we have.

We have a (relatively) secure economy. Most of us can sleep at night, thanks to the reassuring presence of a police force. We still can choose what we do or don’t do. The vast majority of people in America have roofs over their heads, and food to eat. We hear about the hunger crisis going on, yet in reality, we know only a few people who may suffer from this. We see on television, computers, and cell phones, evidence of war, hate, and distrust, yet among those with whom we associate, there is little to none of the preceding interruptions.

Let’s all take a minute to step away from politics and see the good in others around us.

As Cooper Alan says, “How about we quit hating on each other
Drop the gloves and agree with one another right here”