I was going to write about minorities. But as my day for publishing an article on Children Of The Republic draws nearer, I have a harder and harder time focusing on politics, whatever I’m reading, and classes. It’s almost the end of the school year, and as it draws closer, my melancholy grows. I love school. It’s a time of structure, learning, friends, and frustrations. Since I can’t focus on minorities or treaties or anything else, I thought I might write about learning.

Schooling is not the same thing as learning. I’ve learned that lesson all too powerfully — all too bitterly — this past school year. I wish that I could say with Mark Twain: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Sadly, I don’t think that is truly the case. And even more sadly, our public education system has created an place where letting schooling interfere with our education is all too easy.

As the end of school draws near, perhaps it’s time to resume our education. There are a lot of great resources out there: books from your local library; podcasts on YouTube and Rumble; local summer classes; your family; and online tutorials.

Perhaps, as summer begins and the days get a *little* less scheduled, it’s time to study our government, history, philosophy, and culture in earnest. Perhaps it’s time to practice our skills, discuss great ideas with friends, and work to mold ourselves into American Americans.

Here are three resources to help you do just that:

THE COLLECTED WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE. William Shakespeare, master playwright and a man with a keen understanding on human nature and power, authored many classic plays. Some of my favorite include Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and The Taming Of The Shrew. Through his plays, Shakespeare teaches lessons of statesmanship, human nature, forgiveness, justice, mercy, power, friendship, love, and so much more. Since Shakespeare’s plays are all out of copyright, they can be accessed for free, including on Gutenberg. I recommend watching the play while following along in your book for the optimal learning experience.

DINESH D’SOUZA. Originally born in India, Dinesh D’souza came to the USA at the age of seventeen to study. He ended up staying here, becoming a citizen, and working as a political advisor to no other than Ronald Reagan. He now has authored many fantastic books, and runs a daily podcast on rumble.

PRAGERU. Founded by Denis Prager, PragerU has lots of great stuff. From Will Witt to Candace Owens to inspiring stories to five-minute videos explaining anything related to conservatism, PragerU is filled with inspiring, enlightening, and empowering videos. Conservatism has never been so easy 😉

Even as school comes to a close, it’s important to remember that learning never ends. Learning never ends.


Image by Pixabay from Pexels.com