Two volcanoes – One island – One humanitarian crisis. Oh, and a crime against humanity. And vaccines. Sounds complicated?

Two volcanoes have exploded on St Vincent, an island in the Caribbean. One blew its top, spewing ash in the air and making it hard to survive. As of the 12th of April, the volcanoes have been exploding for four days, but no one has died yet (1). “Roughly 16,000 people who live in communities close to the volcano had been evacuated under government orders on Thursday, but an unknown number have remained behind and refused to move.” (2) But did they really refuse to move, or is that misinformation?

The Prime Minister of St Vincent has said that the evacuations are only for the vaccinated (3) (4) (5). Neighboring islands have also said that those who aren’t vaccinated can’t find refuge on their shores (6).

This is a possible death sentence for those not vaccinated. This is a crime of humanity. This is a diabolical happening.

People should not be punished for taking or for not taking the vaccine. It’s a personal choice and governments should not get involved. I repeat: it should be, and should never not be, a personal choice..

A class of elite is being created of those from who have been vaccinated.

If evacuation and life is a privilege available only to the vaccinated, that’s tyranny. If public schools are a privilege available only to the vaccinated, that’s tyranny. If your socio-economic movement is determined by whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, that’s tyranny.

Evacuation has been denied to those without vaccines. What’s next? Vaccines determining entry into schools? Vaccines determining what kinds of jobs you can legally get?

A tyranny of vaccines is terrifying.

But is there anything that We the People can do about it’s creation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!