Biden’s going to be sworn in on January 20th.  What are some things we can do to keep our country free with a good economy?   This sounds counterintuitive but one thing you can do is to boycott the big tech and other liberal companies who limit free speech and bicott conservative companies who stand for what you believe in.  We can still continue to stand our ground and fight for what we believe in even with a president who might try to take away all those rights. 

If you have any questions leave them in the comments! I’m going to try and make this a Q&A.

L. O. on January 22, 2021

I think the biggest thing we can do is just educate people about the Constitution and what it really means and how it really works. The question is then, how? Many people think the Constitution is an outdated, bigoted, sexist, racist, antique document that has no relevance to our day. This could not be further from the truth, but we can’t exactly force people to read the Constitution, we must inspire. How?

One way we can inspire people is by teaching them about the constitution. Our website is one great resource to inspire. There is a multitude of articles on the relevance and importance of the constitution. We can share resources with those and ask them to read them and consider them. What are some of your ideas?