By Domina Libertas

World War 2 – the war against Nazism, where the USA – allied with Britain and Russia – whipped the world into shape. It sounds like it could be a comic book. And you know what, it probably is. But the actual story is a lot more complicated, a lot more blurred, and a lot more confusing.

Against Involvement

The war was a European-Asian war. It had nothing to do with us until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. But if we had been careful, there is a chance that we could have prevented that. Or, at the very least, we should have kept our involvement in the war centered around Japan instead of fighting against all of the Axis.

If we hadn’t been involved, we could have fought for freedom more at home. Perhaps we could have made huge leaps in freedom, or at the very least, not have expanded the government as much as it was expanded during WW2.

Our involvement came with a heavy cost. Although it boosted our economy after a decade-long depression, it did cost a great deal. 420,000 American soldiers and civilians died during the war; debt reached 113% of the national GDP (TheAtlantic). If we hadn’t have been involved, we would be that much better off.

For Involvement

The Axis were involved in heinous actions and ideologies including but not limited too: the holocaust, horrific POW camps, fascism, and eugenics. Europe was falling beneath their might, and if we hadn’t gotten involved, freedom could have been irreparably lost.

The Axis wouldn’t have been content to rule just Europe and Asia; they wanted to rule the world. If we had waited until they had conquered everyone but us, our chances of survival would have been slim to none.

We (and our allies) were attacked, so we were justified in protecting ourselves and our friends. We gave our word, therefore we must keep our word. It was a matter of integrity, justice, and freedom.


As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, it might be worth revisiting the last two world wars and reviewing how they started, how they played out, and why we got involved. History does repeat itself, crazy days are coming, and so we better have good heads on our shoulders if we want to come out the other side better.

Should we have gotten involved in WW2? There are good reasons for our involvement, and there are bad reasons for our involvement. But I think that it was a good thing we were involved.

However, there is definitely one thing we need to keep in mind: hindsight gives an entirely different view than the one we have looking at the present or future. It’s one thing to opine on historical events and people and theorize about their effects; it’s another thing entirely to opine on current events and people and theorize about what could and what should happen.