My grandpa has a very productive apricot tree in his back yard.  A few years ago, it got cut down.  Although all the branches and most of the trunk got chopped off, the roots remained intact.  Since then, branches have grown back, and now it’s a productive fruit tree again!

This tree illustrates perfectly the need to get at the root of our problems in society.  If we just clip a branch here and there, we’re not going to accomplish much.  Instead, we need to demolish the root, and then the branches will naturally die.

I have been thinking a lot about the possible roots of our problems here in America, and have come to the conclusion that the biggest root is a lack of education.  As a nation, I believe that a lack of religious education, historical education, constitutional education, etc. are some of the biggest tap roots of the tree of corruption.

For example, if everybody understood the constitution, we would have no problem electing leaders who would follow it correctly.  If everybody truly believed in God, we wouldn’t have to worry about laws concerning moral issues.  If everybody understood history, we wouldn’t let history repeat itself.  

Educating children should be our top priority because today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, and as President Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.”

But how? A few years ago, Connor Boyack, like many other parents, searched unsuccessfully for children’s books that would teach essential principles of liberty, free market economics, and other foundational American ideas. So, he decided to write some! The Tuttle Twins have been a HUGE success! You can purchase them here—they’re worth every penny!

If enough children read books like The Tuttle Twins, the tree of socialism, communism, evil and corruption will be cut at the root with no chance of survival!

Although elections and politics matter, they are more like branches on a tree. The real root lies in education. Please start today to educate yourself and others!  In doing so, we will figuratively take the ax to the root of our problems in society today.