The statue of the Lady of Justice has a few details one might find odd if she were the representation of justice. For example, she has a blindfold on. Everything else is fairly easy to understand why, such as a scale. As everyone can fairly well agree justice is about things being fair and well, just. But a blindfold might very well be one of the most crucial details to reveal what justice is and what everyone should strive for their nation to uphold, regardless of where they live. 

Now one might read this and think how can being blind be better to show the nature of justice better than a scale, better than a sword, or better than the lady who uses them all. The answer comes down to what all of them represent. 

The most visible of them all is the scale which primarily represents how justice is fair and balanced. The punishment fits the crime and all stays within its jurisdiction. Justice doesn’t punish crimes with disproportional or cruel judgment. Nor does justice lessen the penalty out of pity. Justice will have a punishment befitting the crime. And if it doesn’t, justice hasn’t been served.

The second most visible aspect is the sword she carries. This primarily represents the power that justice holds and its ability to cut straight to the point and deal with the problem directly. If justice does not have the power to deal the penalty for the crime then justice cannot be dealt. Nor can justice get straight to the matter if hindered with the wrong tools or dulled from its improper upkeep or improper use.

The other thing that I mentioned was the lady who holds all of these matters. In the culture that she originates women were often associated with nurture and helping things to grow and flourish. This symbolism isn’t unique to ancient Greece and in fact, many cultures had these beliefs. This illustrates the purpose of justice, it might be a powerful and strong force, but its purpose is to help society grow and flourish, not to break down on those who break the law.

Lastly, the one I’ve said is the most important, the fact that justice is blind. This signifies that Justice doesn’t see a person’s wealth, ethnicity, background, religion, gender, or even if they look outstanding. It simply finds when a crime has been committed and finds a just penalty. 

All of these are attributes of Justice, but if you remove the fact that justice is blind then you ruin all of the other aspects of Justice. It becomes irrelevant. The fact that justice finds a punishment valid for the crime fails when justice becomes bias. The fact justice has power and can get straight to the point fails as well. Even the nurturing nature of justice disintegrate when justice loses its blindness.

However, justice is blind. It does not see us for our religion, sex, ethnicity, or income. It sees us for our deeds, both good and evil. This is what justice is for, to uphold the highest of laws and to preserve human dignity for all. When this isn’t met justice has not been, when the guilty walk free justice has not been. When the innocent are punished justice has not been there. So please, let us keep justice blind. Let us allow justice it’s due and strive to uphold it till the end of our days.