The border crisis has been a big topic for a few months now.  Thousands of immigrants have been flooding the border ever since the new administration came into power.  Many people blame this solely on the Biden/Harris/Whoever Else Is Telling Them What To Do policy changes.  Although their policies have certainly escalated the border situation, the root cause goes a lot deeper than that.  

Before I write my 3-step plan for immigration reform, let’s get one thing straight:  Immigration is good.  Actually, most of us are immigrants if you go back far enough.  The problem then is not to stop immigration, but to do it the right way.

I firmly believe that the first step in addressing immigration is to cut ALL federal welfare programs.  These programs attract lazy individuals who want to live off of our government, becoming a burden to society.  Welfare could possibly be done at the state level, but that decision would be up to the states.

Second, we need to increase border security.  Meaning, yes, a wall is a good thing.  In fact, just a decade ago, the idea of a border wall was supported by the majority of democrats–it actually isn’t a partisan issue.  There are a massive number of drug dealers, international gang members, and worse constantly crossing the border.  This needs to stop.  Gang members and drug dealers shouldn’t be allowed to “immigrate.”

Third and most important, immigration needs to be made easier (less paperwork and legal hoops) and cheaper (lower legal fees).  However, this step should not be done until steps one and two have been completed or at least significantly improved.

If we would put these basic measures into place, I am certain that the border situation would drastically improve.

Back to where I started, Biden isn’t the problem here.  The problem is socialism.  Corrupt socialists know how to get more votes (besides rigging voting machines):  Lure people (including, but not limited to immigrants) to socialism with the promise of “free” housing, “free” food, and “free” money.  Those receiving “benefits” will become loyal to those in power who are “providing” the services and therefore give them more votes and more power.

Sadly the “benefits” aren’t benefits at all.  They will slowly destroy the character of the individual through laziness and entitlement, and eventually they will destroy the nation through staggering national debt, soaring inflation, and lack of individual character.

I admit that they aren’t helping at all, but instead of blaming the current administration for all our problems, let’s attack the root of our problems–federal government overreach.