Are you an American? That question may interest you. Sure, you were born in America. Your birth certificate says you were born in America. Your social security card proves that your citizen of America, but are you really American?

Recently citizens of the United States are struggling to truly be American. “Now they say that “American” is lies, And slavery and hypocrisy;” (AMERICAN)

American means that you are willing to stand up for freedom, truth, and your fellow man. Now our associates are afraid of freedom. They seek safety in a large tyrannical government, yet claim to be American. The immigrants who cross our border know more about this country than most of Her legitimate citizens. They come here and take advantage of the American dream, which can only be seized by those who try.

America was freed by many great men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. Each and every one of the men I just listed all loved freedom. They knew how to stand up for freedom. They knew how to limit government, and how to create a balance between two people’s rights. They were the epitome of American. But how can we be more like them?

Each of us has our individual talents, and viewpoints. We all have feelings and we all are a little bit biased. Despite our similarities and our differences, we can all be American. If we learn to stand up against TYRANARCHY, and seek to be AMERICAN by protecting Rights, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness we can truly unite together to “Make America Great Again.”

Democrat, or Republican, most of the time we can agree on something. Even now Biden’s approval ratings are falling. We have learned that some administrations will come clean, and tell the truth when they screw up, while others cover up, hide, and lie, till their pit is deep enough they can’t ever come out of it. The people who support that type of un-American administration are the ones who fall for tyranny with the slightest push. We need to be those who will stand up for our rights, freedoms, and liberties.

Stand up for what is right. Seek to be a true American. Together we can unite, and fill the streets with shouts of the joy of freedom, liberty, and happiness.