Very often when we rely on something too much it fails us in the moments when it is most needed. 

I experienced this myself when, during “The Great Texas Freeze” I tried to stay warm, with blankets, extra layers and movement. I thought of how dependent we are on electricity; without it we cannot run our hospitals, heat homes, and without it the world goes from being very connected to very isolated. You’re using electricity to view these words. Electricity does so many things we don’t even really think about.

While we cannot always predict what  will come we can choose how to prepare. Benjamin Franklin had many things to say about self reliance “By failing to prepare we are preparing to fail, while in Great Britain before the Revolution he sent back seeds so that they wouldn’t have to rely on other countries to feed themselves.

So in conclusion in order to make it through challenges we must find and gather our seeds so we can live as independently as possible.