It’s voting day in the 2028 election cycle.  You sent your ballot in, or voted in the way of your choice.   You’re 100% sure that your candidate is going to win.  They are the only legitimate candidate, and there’s no way someone who died 6 years ago can win the election.  The results finally come out 30 days later your candidate lost by a huge margin to the other person.  You ask yourself how this could have happened.  They died 6 years ago and obviously can’t take the presidency.   The “for the people act of 2021” could lead to a consequence like this one for many reasons, but I will elaborate on these three, 1, it would make easier to vote, 2, it would undermine nearly all 50 states voting policies, 3, this bill reserves more power to the politicians, not the people. 

This bill would make it easier to vote.  While this may appear to be a good thing, the easier it is to vote, the easier it is to vote fraudulently.   H.R. 1 makes it so there will be greater access to ballot drop boxes all across the nation.   It creates same day voter registration, which could lead to people voting more than once, on illegal I.D.  It also increases access to ballots, which would make it easier for people to create fraudulent votes, that will be counted with the legal votes, as legal votes.

The “For the People Act of 2021” would undermine nearly all 50 states voting policies.   It establishes an almost universal voting system for all across the country, which may appear good, but each state has so much diversity that only they will know how to address voting laws.   

This piece of legislation also reserves more power to politicians.   It makes it so they can fund their campaigns with money from taxes or fines from large corporations.   

I would like to urge you all to contact your representatives or senators and encourage them to vote no on H.R. 1 because of the reasons listed, and any others you can think of.  

Update: This bill is now being discussed in the senate! Please contact your senators and ask them to vote no.

For the text of the bill visit this website.

For an article on more of the dangers of this bill visit