For nearly four hundred years we knew

What “American” was and was not.

On the swiftest of wings time flew

And we have since then forgot.

It used to be that “American” was apple pie

And evenings spent with family;

Freedoms for which we were willing to die;

And common sensibility.

Now they say that “American” is lies

And slavery and hypocrisy;

They march in her streets and cry

Their chants and deface her history.

They say that “American” is pronouns

And cancel culture and white shame –

“American” that was founded

On racism – or so they claim.

“American” used to be the self-made man,

Self-education and motivation;

“American” used to be working the land,

Finding pride and joy in cultivation.

“American” used to be about equality,

Freedom of speech and religion,

Independence from tyranny,

And free & fair elections.

“American” used to be marching bands

And fireworks on the Fourth of July –

“American” was creating by hand;

“American” was live free or die.

“American” was something real neat –

“American” was something to die for,

A magnificent historical feat.

But now… well, those things were before.

Now as people scream hate in her streets,

Demand that the police be defunded,

Pride in “American” seems to be history.

Can “American” possibly be defended?

A revolution is direly needed in our time:

Not one of armies and rifles and blood,

But of “American” thought and pride.

“American”, the best of the world.

“American” is something to love and cherish;

“American” is something to fight for.

“American” must be protected or perish…

Becoming but a thing of lore.

So lift up your voices and be strong,

Live and breath and dream “American,”

Stand for the anthem, our national song.

Learn of our heroes, brave women and men.

As long as we fight, as long as we dream –

As long as the freedom flag flies –

As long as we cherish our history –

As long as we reject tyrannical lies –

As long as we have “American” pride –

As long as we share our passion and love –

As long as we remember those who died

To protect our freedoms from God above –

“American” and all that word stands for –

Justice, and independence, and liberty,

Equality, respect for law and order –

“American” shall, “American” must survive.