What was your last interaction with a four-year-old?  How about the sequence leading up to that interaction?    If the four-year-olds you interact with are anything at all like the ones that I know, they were probably asking you to do what they want.    By this point, you’re probably wondering why I am talking about four-year-olds in an article on a conservative website that strives to protect and uphold the ideals of our nation.   

The past few months I have been thinking about how much people in the government act like four-year-olds in the body of an adult.   If they don’t get their way they go and cry in a corner, or throw a temper tantrum, or react in a childish way.   I see too often people who have been hurt because of something another has told them, whether it be political, theological, or downright mean.  

 I have seen people put a post on a social media site, standing up for what they believe, only to have derogatory comments posted, and then have their post deleted by someone else because of “offensive material” or an “intrusion on equality for all” or a multitude of other reasons, mainly just because that post was getting in the way of someone else’s agenda.   America was once a land where free speech was promoted, and diversity embraced.  Now it is a land of hatred, contempt, and cancelation, all because of the ideals the root of the Democrat party instilled in the hearts of many.  

Alexis de Tocqueville said, “America is great because she is good.  If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” America is slowly losing her goodness, and it pains me to watch this.   If we strive to remake the land of diversity and freedom America once was, we can once again “Make America Great!!”