In early 1732 a boy was born to Augustine and Mary Ball Washington. He received an informal education at a lower school in Hartfield Virginia. He was trained to become a surveyor, and worked in this field for several years. Around 1752 Washington joined the Virginian Militia and played a major role in the French and Indian wars. He became the commander-in-chief of the American forces during the revolutionary war and then retired to his home at Mt. Vernon.

John Jay was born into a wealthy merchant family in New York on December 23, 1745. He studied law at Kings College and opened his own law office in 1771. He served as a representative at the first continental congress and was a staunch supporter of the American cause throughout the revolutionary war.

Alexander Hamilton was born out of wedlock in 1755. He was orphaned early in his childhood, and was adopted by a wealthy merchant family, and sent to New York to receive an education. He served as an artillery officer in the continental army during the Revolutionary war and was a leader in the efforts to replace the Articles of Confederation with a better government system.

Each of these men grew up very differently, in very different places. They all had different political views and backgrounds. Yet somehow they along with 36 other men authored, debated and agreed upon the foundation for our current system of government, The Constitution. It seems impossible for this to have happened by chance. That 39 men of different opinions could agree on something that is now so controversial. I know that this couldn’t have happened without the aid of God and his influence on each of those men. As Benjamin Franklin said, “if a sparrow cannot fall without Gods notice, is it probable that a nation should rise without his aid?” I know that God is behind the founding of America.

Our nation is slowly trying to push itself away from the Constitution, a document inspired specifically for us now. We must become better educated in our founding documents and stand up for them at all times. If we fail to do this our nation will slowly crumble and become another fallen giant. We cannot let this happen. Stand with me and fight for truth!