Lockdown Protest

In March of 2020 government officials called for fifteen days to “end the spread” of covid-19.  Even though what they were about to do was unconstitutional, violating our most basic god-given rights, they told us it was necessary to prevent mass destruction from the virus.  “Only fifteen days”, they said.  Well, here we are over a year later, and we still have government restrictions in place. 

How have we allowed this to happen?  I have found that most proponents of the lockdowns, mask mandates, gathering limits, etc. believe that the novel coronavirus was a new, deadly, almost unstoppable, disease.  They believe that it was an “unprecedented” crisis, requiring unlimited government mandates and restrictions.

But was 2020 really “unprecedented”?  Well, it’s true that there was a new virus, but the simple answer is no, 2020 was no more “unprecedented” than many other years.  Take a look at the financial crisis of 2008, the twin tower attacks of 2001, the great depression and even the Germany Flu Epidemic of 1918, and you’ll see the exact same pattern that we see today with covid.

This pattern proceeds as follows:  One, a big crisis happens.  Two, misleading propaganda leads the public and their emotions to believe that they are in grave danger, and that the crisis must be solved by hasty government action before it’s too late.  Three, with most of the public on board to do “anything necessary to solve the current crisis”, the government quickly passes legislation that trades our freedom for security.  

The biggest underlying connection between all of these crisis and control situations is fear.  Throughout history, fear has been a consistent tool to influence decision making.  For example, during the 2004 Republican National Convention, Bush constantly used the 9/11 attacks to make Americans believe that unless Bush got re-elected, America would be doomed to the discretion of terrorists.  

This type of fear mongering has been used over and over throughout history to try to influence public opinion and decision—so doesn’t it make sense that it would be used again throughout 2020?  Headlines such as “Coronavirus burial pits so vast they’re visible from space” and “U.S. Covid cases top 30 million” are constructed to provoke fear.  They aren’t meant to simply give you information, they are meant to make you scared and suck you in.

In March of 2020, I fell for it.  I read the news and believed it.  I thought that the novel coronavirus was something I should be afraid of.  I finally woke up about a month later after watching the Ron Paul Liberty Report.  I realized that I didn’t even know anyone who had become sick from covid-19.  I knew several people who had had false positives, but not a single person who was actually sick.  Now, about a year later, I know many, many people who have had it, but with the exception of one, it was no worse than the regular flu. They simply got the virus and recovered.  I don’t want to minimize the terrible cases that many people have, but most of the reported cases are not serious or even false positives.  However, the media takes those more rare extremely bad cases and stereotypes them to lead the public to assume that all the reported cases are that bad. 

Covid death recording is another issue.  I know of many people who have been reported as a covid death, however, only one of them actually died from covid.  This individual was not healthy, and probably would have died from the common flu.  The other cases died from other causes and would have died without covid, but since the doctors claimed that they had a strain of the virus when they died, even if they didn’t have any symptoms, they were marked as a covid death.  (By the way, this nullifies the life insurance money—Follow the money)

In conclusion, how have we allowed 15 days to “end the spread” turn into over a year?  Fear mongering propaganda.  The following quote puts it best:  “The Coronavirus will come and go.  But the Government will never forget how easy it was to take control of your entire life.  Control of every roadway, airline, sporting event, classroom, restaurant, church pew, grocery store and park bench.  And society praised it as ‘the right thing to do’.”