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Great God, Our King

If you ask any American anywhere if we have a king, they will tell you….no. Emphatically no. After all, that’s what we were trying to get away from by declaring independence, isn’t it?

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Knowledge and Wisdom

What is knowledge? What is wisdom? How do they differ, is one better than the other, and how are they obtained? Or are they just different words we use to describe the same thing?

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“The most noble life…save One”

In a crowed, boisterous courtyard in 1431 AD a young peasant girl walked serenely toward death. No burial awaited this youthful heroine; the only comfort offered her in this hour of excruciating pain was the chance to gaze upon a cross. While fire stole this sacred body, it was God who claimed her soul. Two Hundred and Ninety-Seven miles from home Joan of Arc awaited her ascent into heaven.

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Forgetting God

People call America the “land of the free and home of the brave.” Or should we say, called? The “land of the free and home of the brave” is quickly becoming the “land of the silent and home of the tyrant.”

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